by Patrick Redmond

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Holy Hannaford


released May 27, 2016

Nick Biagini - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet on tracks 3 and 4
Ian Strobino - drums on tracks 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12

Thank you to every one of my friends and family, thank you to my peers and mentors, and thank you to everyone who inspired me in the making of this album.



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Patrick Redmond Brunswick, Maine

I'm a 20 year old from Brunswick, ME studying in Amherst, MA

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Track Name: Home
We're in a land not far away
It only takes a heart to stay
Stay behind in solitude and wait
At the gate, they're only there when you reach

Frozen still in a place of my own
Want to take in my friends to my home
Never need to be near to the phone
Because my friends are already home

Home, that magical place we take for granted
Every person, creature, and spirit, should have a loving home

Rest assured that all will stay the same
Just as inside the picture frame
Track Name: On The Weekends
How long will it take her eyes to realize
(I'm looking right at her?)
How long will it take my heart to realign
(From under the covers?)
I've never been good with taking initiative
(I know how to follow)
I've gotta change the way I know how to live
(I'll ask her tomorrow)

I know where to go, I'll take you on the weekends

I don't think she's out there looking at someone else
I just think that she's not interested in someone like myself
I'll be fine, I'll ask her, I'll tell her

I know where to go, I'll take you on the weekends
Track Name: People Town
Don't take me to people town
I don't wanna go to people town

Find some berries, pick your own
Take the sheep right back to home
Count the berries on the hill
Watch the river running still

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk
Track Name: Me Town
Let's all turn into a tiny trash bin
And we can let everybody throw all their trash into the
Benign tumors taking over our brain
To make us laugh all day until we agree that we're

Insatiable desire to find a groom
For all the baby marsupials eating out of the womb
Tomorrow we'll forget about our stifled laugh
Turn into crocodile suffle
Look a giraffe

Why did you eat those poisonous foods
Because of your chatroom partner not sending you some of their
Internet history, yours is a myth
Take all your hardware and send it off your friendly neighborhood

Clifford Brown and pizza, eat a bunch
Your Catholic school picked up some lunchables and served them for lunch
You're dressed in polka dots and moonshine and a scarf
You look so cute when you are puking and you swallow your barf
Track Name: Should I Go Home
Hello, Darling, where have you been?
I have been waiting for a heart to be sent my way
Is it me? Should I go back to yesterday?
Do you agree? (no) Of course not, how could they?

You've screwed up and let down all the ones you love now
And after all this time that you've spent in town
You look for love when you know where it's already found

Should I really be here?
Should I go home?
Is there really a point here at all?

I thought here I'd find a heart that wouldn't change
But once they are finished they'll never be the same as
Those ones at home who are just my kind of girl
The kind I'll never find in this kind of world

Maybe I'm just dwindling in the past
And someone will come down and they will make this loneliness
My last, and just my kind of girl
Could find me at the right time in either kind of world
Track Name: The World's Worst Papercut
It's a lovely day, everything's fine
The air all around smells like roses and wine
The copies left on the printer are warm
I'll deliver them back to the dorm

I'm walking now, carrying a pile
Of freshly printed paper underneath my smile
My neighbor comes by, he stops to say hi
I wave to him and I

(nothing will ever be the same)
(unintelligible screaming)
Track Name: Ode To A Cereal Box And A Stuffed Animal
Henry the puffin waved to the waves that
Crash and turn away to say "how are you" before they
Grow in the ocean, set life in motion
Henry don't you fret, you'll get to meet
The waves at Penobscot Bay

Oatmeal the Hedgehog those fields are not so far
Your toes will grow, your nose will be torn
Hide that stride to ease all that cried
When that old Oatmeal died
Track Name: When I Tuck You In At Night
When I tuck you in at night
This will be your lullaby
When you lie with tuckered eyes
This will be the tune

When I wake you up at dawn
You'll let out a yawn
Hands as soft as fine chiffon
Wave away the moon

If I tucked you in at night
This will be your lullaby
If I had a child to call my own I'd have a happy home
They'd grow and grow and grow and grow
'Til they could raise their own

When I tuck you in at night
This will be the tune
This is what I'd sing to them
That's if I should have my own
Track Name: Serenade the Sun
If I serenade the sun would it be the only one?
And if I testify to you would it stop you being true?
With each passing conversation
You exhibit more adulation to yourself
And if I serenade the moon would you think it comes to you?

I've spent this time searching for the humble
But the more I search the more that value tumbles
I've considered giving up, empty out this sweet tea cup
Filling up a cracked mug with bitter sadness
And if I serenade the sun would it be the only one
Track Name: Maine
It's summertime, we're renting out a lakehouse
Eating at the steakhouse, right by Bugaboo Creek
We'll build a campfire, make memories so fond
Biking to the arcade, right by Papu's Pond

How many miles we'll drive the car
No city lights to drown the stars
Although it's great, the state's just not
What makes me feel this way
So thank you everyone

Thank you to my family in Maine
Thank you to all my friends in Maine

On Halloween my mom would sew us costumes
And we'd go trick or treating beneath the vibrant leaves
In wintertime we'd always have a white Christmas
Always have a nice Christmas playing in the snow

Oh as the cold turned into spring
We would get mud on everything
Although it's great, the state's just not
What makes me feel this way
So thank you everyone

Thank you to my family in Maine
Thank you to all my friends in Maine
Thank you to everyone in Maine
Thank you to the great old state of Maine